Updated: Sep 21, 2019

You may wonder why we pick these artists & manga. Here's the answer.

日本語の記事は こちら から


Thank you for always supporting us.

We have been receiving amazing feedback since we launched the website on 8/18/2019, which we did not expect at all. We have been busy improving the website so haven't had enough time to introduce manga and authors, but there are at least some of them listed on the page.

What made us to pick those among a number of amazing works?

Some of you might think like this, so we decided to create a blog to explain why.

The Yuri Times is for Everyone

The Yuri Time's biggest purpose is to contribute to the development of yuri, so our plan is to introduce any genres of works that are on trend or might be going viral in future without our preferences. (*Only limited to works for all ages.)

We'd like you to find more your favorite yuri works if you already like yuri!

We'd like you to experience yuri freely if you don't know much about yuri yet!

This is the reason we decided to create the yuri map.

However, while we were making a plan, we were very worried if this ended up just confusing the readers, because it seemed difficult to convey each work's genre and overview classified by LIKE/LOVE and HAPPY/SAD although these words can be understood by anyone.

In order to solve this problem, we decided to pick the works to introduce first that would be the baseline.

How We Choose Works

Since it will be the baseline of the map, we chose famous/popular works first. In order to make the first picks fair, we referenced everyone's Bible, YuriNavi's Yuri Manga Sousenkyo. From the results, we picked works that could be a baseline of LIKE, and works that could be a baseline of LOVE...

However, there was an anxiety, even this website is new, that people who have already been a yuri fan would not like it because they might already know those works. This is why, we decided to add some works that have not been translated into English yet. As a result, we have received comments like "It looks so fun but how come there is no English version?!".

This is the background of how we decided to choose works to introduce you guys. We will be listing yuri works that are not known overseas yet.

How We Choose Authors

Like mentioned above, we would like to introduce authors of the works which we picked first.

There are so many fantastic works and authors out there, so it was very difficult to choose as the baseline of the yuri map, but at the same time it was very enjoyable and precious moment for us.

We will continue adding more artists and manga.

Dozo Yoroshiku Onegai Itashimasu.



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