Assault Lily BOUQUET Now On Air

The anime "Assault Lily BOUQUET" (アサルトリリィ BOUQUET) is now airing in Japan and streaming on Funimation. Don't miss it!

Official PV

Official OP "Sacred World"

Official ED "Edel Lilie"

Video: Official YouTube Channel of Assault Lily Project

On the verge of extinction by the alien entity known as Huge, the planet unites to develop CHARM. Merging science and magic into a weapon, military facilities called Gardens quickly sprout up to train recruits in this nascent technology. Forged by nature and training, teenage girls emerge as a heroic Lily upon blossoming. Can humanity survive long enough for these Lilies to bloom and save us all?

The main characters are Riri, Yuyu senpai, and Kaede, but as it is a girls' school, more and more kawaii girl characters are coming up in every episode!

Image: Official Website of Assault Lily BOUQUET (Japan)

You can check their official website (*Japanese only) for more details, too!




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