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Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Gokigenyou, yuri friends!

Have you heard "同人(誌) doujin(shi)" before?

There are tons of amazing yuri doujin manga and novels in Japanese! The famous doujinshi events are Comic Market a.k.a. Comiket(コミケ)and Comitia(コミティア)which grow the manga culture. However, most of them are not officially translated to other languages and limit for non-Japanese speakers to enjoy...

IRODORI LITE has been launched!

Don't worry! US-based Japanese doujinshi publisher, Irodori Comics, has launched IRODORI LITE website dedicated to offering high-quality, all ages doujinshi and LGBTQ+ oriented doujinshi for digital purchase.

They have Girl's Love genre for you to specifically find yuri doujinshi ! This is great for us like yuri fans to explore more for yuri arts :)


These are the yuri doujinshi currently available on IRODORI LITE.


By Ichinorai sensei

Story - Momoko offers her coworker Anzu a favor for being kind enough to cover one of her shifts, but nothing could've prepared her for the answer - Anzu wants to see what her face looks like in bed! Thinking it's probably a bad joke, Momoko accepts her proposal of a get-together on Friday, but as the week goes on, she starts to wonder... What if she wasn't kidding!?



By Ayano Ayano sensei

Story - Insecurity. Fear of Rejection. Inadequacy. Falling in love as an adult is hard... but falling in love with someone of the same sex and worrying about "reading the signs wrong" is something else entirely. Join two girls as they tread the uncertain waters of their own emotional insecurities and begging the question, "why does love do this to me?"

OF GIRLS, LOVE, AND MONEY 女子高生が女子高生のヒモになる話

By Hiroyuki senei

Story - The practice of "giving financial support in a relationship" is common in Japan among older men and younger women... but between two girls in high school!?

Witness the silly shenanigans of Sachiko as she finds all manner of ways to milk as much money out of her girlfriend, Miho, as possible!

New yuri doujinshi (NOT +18*) is coming soon as well!

I Only Want You to Love My Body 愛していいのは、カラダだけ

By Namaniku sensei

Story - A office worker Tougou who is very serious, strict for work is being scared by everyone at the office and she has a secret --- She is a lesbian. Sayama is the only colleague who gets along with her. Therefore, Tougou is attracted to Sayama but Tougou tries not to get too close with Sayama. One day, Sayama finds out that Tougou is a lesbian and...


The rewards program, which allows people to earn points with purchases, can be traded in for future discounts. As part of the launch campaign of the website, all new accounts created on IRODORI LITE by the end of August will receive 250 complimentary points as a token of appreciation.

You can earn points through SNS login, following on their Twitter account, and on your birthday! Don't miss it!

ABOUT Irodori Comics

Irodori Comics works directly with Japanese manga artists to help localize and publish their works outside of Japan. The company believes in spreading doujinshi culture around the world by publishing doujinshi so that everybody can enjoy. The Irodori Aqua label was created to serve the non-erotic doujinshi market, while the Irodori Sakura label was created to boost LGBTQ+ representation in doujinshi publications. Both imprints serve to increase manga fan awareness regarding doujinshi and its role in the industry.




*THE YURI TIMES only limits to introduce yuri arts for all ages.

The information here is based on the media release we received from Irodori Sakura @Irodori_Sakura. All existing Irodori Aqua (non-erotic doujinshi imprint) titles currently available on Amazon Kindle and ComiXology will be made available for purchase at the IRODORI LITE website on launch.

To publishers & artist, 出版社及び作家の皆様、

We would be grateful to receive yuri information from you to share our yuri friends! Please feel free to contact us from here in English and/or Japanese.

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