Updated: Sep 14, 2019

日本語版の記事は こちら から

"I think I might be falling in love with..."

Ayumi Senpai told Manatee.

Right, she fell in love with yuri.

After 2 Hours Planning, Our Journey Has Begun

Ayumi Senpai fell in love with yuri, and told Manatee whom she can open up and talk anything about with.

"I want to help yuri."

Ayumi Senpai was trying her best gathering yuri related information, but she realized difficulties to do so smoothly because of her situation living in overseas.

"I want to value this Toutoi feeling."

Living outside of Japan, both of us were facing the obstacle of time difference. We have only two hours a day when it works for us. Morning and night, we, who are living in the other side of the earth, somehow figured out the way and succeeded sharing the same time.

After two hours of planning, the account YURI TIMES (@YURI_TIMES_EN) was created.

Strike while the iron is hot. The prompt action that we learned from working in overseas helped us moving forward this fast.


Overcoming the time difference, our days have started gathering information by Ayumi Senpai, and translating into English by Manatee.

It's been two month since it's started, we didn't have enough time to advertise properly, however, it's been fortunately increased the number of followers, LIKE, and RT on Twitter every single day.

"I have always wanted this!"

"Thank you for your work!"

In this world, there are people waiting for yuri.

We want to spread yuri to people all over the world.

The world filled with Totoi would be very peaceful.

More importantly, the truth that people who love yuri are so nice and kind makes us cry.

We cannot neglect our main job because we both are in an administrative position. This is why we were planning to operate only Twitter in the first place, but we decided to start the website as well because we wanted to be everyone's help more.

Everything is fresh and new to us. We grew up in Japan, but we sometimes speak weird Japanese because we don't use Japanese that often. There might be some shortcomings, but we greatly appreciate your further guidance and encouragement.



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