Gokigenyou, our beloved yuri friends!

We are very excited to announce that we hold "YURI MANGA AWARD 2021" from February 14 to 21, 2021!


YURI MANGA AWARD is to show your love to your favorite yuri manga, and to share which yuri manga is the must-read! The manga you vote must meet the following conditions:

- The original yuri manga is released by publishers, not self-published.

- The yuri manga is translated into English officially or originally published in English.

(such as Seven Seas Entertainment, Yen Press, VIZ Media, TOKYO POP, and MangaPlanet etc.)

It would be highly appreciated if you could share this column and tweet to your followers!

** This award is organized by THE YURI TIMES. Please see FAQ for more details.

** We may change or update the rules and regulations since it is our first time to organize.


[1] Please decide your TOP 3 favorite yuri manga.

[2] Please click "VOTE NOW!"

[3] Please fill out the fields.


Check THE YURI MAP to find your favorite ones!

** THE YURI MAP does not cover all yuri manga yet, therefore, you can vote for your favorite yuri manga if they are not listed. Your voting would help us to upgrade THE YURI MAP, too!


Q: Can I vote for the anthology or short stories such as Syrup (シロップ) and The Conditions Of Paradise (楽園の条件) by AKIKO MORISHIMA 森島明子 sensei?

A: Unfortunately, NO. We understand there are amazing short stories, however, we do not accept any voting for them.

Q: Can I vote for the manga which is only animated in English such as If My Favorite Pop Idol Go To Budokan, I Would Die (推しが武道館いってくれたら死ぬ) by AURI HIRAO 平尾アウリ sensei?

A: Unfortunately, NO. The manga is not officially translated into English yet. (Hopefully, soon!)

Q: Can I vote for the manga which is released after February 14, 2021 such as Doughnuts Under a Crescent Moon (欠けた月とドーナッツ) by SHIO USUI 雨水汐 sensei?

A: YES! As long as the manga is released before February 21, 2021, it is eligible for voting.

Q: Can I vote for the manga which is originally released as a light novel but it is comicalized such as Adachi and Shimamura (安達としまむら) by HITOMA IRUMA 入間人間 sensei and MOKE YUZUHARA (柚原もけ) sensei?

A: As long as the light novel is comicalized, it is eligible for voting, however, Adachi and Shimamura is scheduled to be released on February 23, 2021, therefore, you cannot vote for that title. If the light novel is not comicalized, or it is comicalized but not yet translated into English officially, it is NOT eligible for voting.

Q: Can I vote for the Doujin manga such as I Want You to Only Love My Body (愛していいのは、カラダだけ) by NAMANIKU 生肉 sensei?

A: Unfortunately, NO. This is because there are too many pirates uploading of Doujin manga. We do not wish to increase the number of access to them. Also, the reading level must be below 17 years old. However, we are planning to have an award for yuri Doujin, too. Please follow register to THE YURI TIMES+ and follow its Twitter account if you are 18 years old and above to stay tuned!

Q: Can I vote more than 1 time?

A: NO. This award is based on the trust to yuri manga fans. Please vote only one time. If we find anyone purposely votes more than one time, we would take all voting as invalid.

Q: Can I enter the same yuri manga titles for three times when I vote?

A: Unfortunately, NO. We understand you may have the yuri manga you really love, however, we will NOT count it as three, but only one.

Q: Do I need to enter three yuri manga titles?

A: NO, if you do not have three yuri manga titles, just enter one or two.

Q: How do you count if I vote citrus and citrus+ by SABUROUTA サブロウタ sensei?

A: We will count it as citrus.

Q: How do you determine it is "yuri" manga?

A: We understand everyone has different ideas for "yuri." We will count only manga that have yuri situations with respect and consideration. You may check our column, too.

Q: I can read Japanese/I am Japanese. Can I vote for manga in Japanese title?

A: Please vote with English titles of your favorite yuri manga. Or else, they will not be counted.

Q: Why does THE YURI TIMES organize YURI MANGA AWARD 2021?

A: There are a lot of amazing yuri manga in Japan and all over the world. Some of them have been officially translated into English. However, the number of translated yuri manga is very small compared with other genres. We hope this YURI MANGA AWARD 2021 would give opportunities to yuri manga fans to shout out (!?) their love for yuri especially on social media with hashtag #YURIMANGAAWARD2021 and show how amazing yuri genre is! We wish more yuri manga will be translated into English officially to explore toutoiness of yuri and we believe that it will support yuri artists, too.






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